• Kupindo API

    Kupindo API offers to developers the possibility for a simple implementation of Kupindo services. Easy way to connect content and selling & monetization of their (web) applications.

  • REST

    Kupindo API follows the global trends in the design and implementation of web services and is based on the REST architecture. Developers have the opportunity to work with JSON and XML formats.

  • OAuth2

    OAuth2, as the dominant protocol for authentication, ensures the security of the data exchanged using Kupindo API. In addition to tracking trends in ICT, data security remains our imperative.

  • Article


    Article service provides an insight into the details of a particular product (e.g. description, payment methods and delivery methods). By using this service, you can complete purchase a certain item.

  • Look Up

    Look Up

    Easy access to lists of categories, locations, municipalities and other parameters. Looking for an updated list of places and municipalities in Serbia? This is the right service for you.

  • Message


    Message handling service. Access your inbox, read received messages, send new and delete old ones. Use this service to develop better communication tools.

  • Rating


    By using the Rating service, you get access to a list of specific user grades. Interested in someone's grades and comments on collaboration with other members? Use the Rating Service.

  • Search


    An easy way to search through Kupindo. The results of the basic searches can be refined and customized with a variety of filters, criteria and sorting options. Find exactly what you need.

  • User


    With User service, you can get basic profile information about a particular Kupindo member (id, username, reviews, about, region and municipality).

  • Wish List

    Wish List

    Wish List service allows you to manipulate with your wish lists. The user can add items to his own private or public wish list, remove items from it, transfer it from one to another... Handy feature if you want to build a gift service.

  • Branding Guidline

    Branding Guideline

    We want to make your usage of the Kupindo API as pleasant as possible. This guideline will help you with, well, guide you through best practices.